ON Congress to meet for special session starting Nov. 28

The Fifth Osage Nation Congress is calling itself into its third special session starting Monday Nov. 28 in the Congressional Chambers building in Pawhuska.

According to the legislative proclamation for the special session, the Congress will consider the following subject matters:

  • The Nation’s commercial property fund, which was established in 2015 as a revolving fund for commercial property lease revenues.
  • Amendments to the Nation’s election code and rules/ regulations. The ON Election Board has developed proposed amendments to the two documents regarding the governing of elections. The Congress may also propose amendments during special session consideration.
  • An appropriation to the Osage Tallgrass Economic Development LLC.
  • Supplemental appropriations for the Nation’s Executive Branch divisions for education, language/ cultural resources, health and wellness, land/ commerce, executive administration, government operations and for cultural donations.
  • The Congress may also consider an appropriation for Sovereignty Day celebration events in 2017. The ON government has celebrated Osage Sovereignty Day each March to commemorate the reformed government and Osage constitution approved by voters in 2006.
  • Revisiting the recent passage of ONCA 16-100, which is the bill to repeal and replace the merit-based employment system with a newer one.
  • Graves land purchase.


Special sessions may last up to 10 days or extended by three days at the written request of two-thirds of the Congress, according to the Osage Constitution.

To view filed legislation and the Congressional calendar for scheduled sessions and committee meetings, go online to:

The sessions and meetings are also live streamed at the following link: