Osage Foundation selling 2016 collectable buffalo ornament

As the 2016 holiday season moves close, the Osage Nation Foundation is announcing the release of this year’s collectable Christmas tree ornament available for sale online.

This year’s ornament is a 24-karat gold-plated buffalo in celebration of the Nation’s recent purchase of the Bluestem Ranch, according to the Foundation. The buffalo ornament and past year ornaments are sold online for $20 each through the Foundation’s online store at

This is the fifth consecutive year for the ornaments sold by the Foundation that are designed to reflect Osage history and culture. Proceeds from the online merchandise sales benefit charitable activities and programs conducted and supported by the ON Foundation, including Youth Summer Camps, charitable grant programs and historical and cultural restoration efforts, according to the online store website.

The four ornaments sold in previous years are also available as a package for $70. Those ornaments include a drum, the ON government seal, a baby’s cradleboard and a woman’s brooch.

Also available for sale is the 2016 limited edition “Hunka” Pendleton blanket designed by Osage artist Wendy Ponca. The blankets are designed by Pendleton Woolen Mills and are available for $250 each.

Visit the website to view/ purchase the ornaments, blanket and other merchandise or contact the ON Foundation at (405) 415-0383.