ON Congress to review multiple bills and resolutions as Day 2 of Hun-Kah Session begins

Day one of the 2017 Congressional Hun-Kah Session saw Congressional committees considering a sweat lodge, an Education Fund, an Osage census, a Shield Law, Bluestem Ranch leases and more.

As Day 2 of the Hun-Kah Session begins, several bills and resolutions are now up for consideration throughout the 24-day legislative period.

On Day One of the session, several Fifth Osage Nation Congress members read legislation into the record for consideration and those items will be subject to initial consideration in Congressional committee meetings. Several bills and resolutions include the following:

- ONCR 16-43 (sponsored by Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt) is a resolution to support the establishment and use of a sweat lodge for the benefit of patients at the Nation’s Primart Residential Treatment (PRT) Center.

- ONCA 17-24 (Congressman Ron Shaw) is an appropriation bill requesting $450,000 for the Nation’s capital asset and improvement fund for purchasing medical equipment to be used at the Wah-Zha-Zhi Health Center.

- ONCA 17-26 (Congressman Joe Tillman) is an act to establish an Intergovernmental Education Fund. If passed, this bill establishes the fund to support public education in the public school districts within the Osage Nation geographical boundaries with availability restricted to Pawhuska, Hominy and Fairfax schools for the first three years of establishment. Afterward, other districts within the Nation’s geographical boundaries will be eligible to seek funding awards. The bill states that each individual award shall not exceed $85,000.

- ONCA 17-27 (Tillman) is an act to establish a High School Senior Academic Scholarship Fund. If passed, the bill will establish the fund intended for public high school seniors attending Pawhuska, Hominy or Fairfax schools for the first three years of its establishment. Afterward, other students in school districts within the Nation’s geographical boundaries will be eligible to receive awards from the fund. The bill states graduating seniors with a 3.5 or higher grade point average are eligible to receive an individual award that shall not exceed $250.

- ONCA 17-28 (Shannon Edwards) is an act to require the resolutions of the Osage Nation Congress signed by the Principal Chief or enacted by legislative override be binding on the Nation.

- ONCA 17-30 (Alice Buffalohead) is an act to provide criminal and civil penalties for violating ON Wildlife Conservation Regulations as administered by the ON Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Department.

- ONCA 17-31 (Buffalohead) is an act to require the Osage Nation to conduct a census of the people for the Nation.

- ONCA 17-33 is an act to protect the right of a journalist to not disclose the source or content of information obtained under a promise to keep the source or information confidential; to provide exceptions; and to require notice and right to be heard.

- ONCA 17-34 (Maria Whitehorn) is an act to amend the Nation’s Open Records Act to make interest or ownership of restricted or trust property a protected record.

- ONCA 17-37 (Pratt) is an act to appropriate $1.1 million to the Osage War Memorial Fund. If passed, the funding for this bill would come out of the Nation’s Retained Revenue Fund.

- ONCA 17-38 (Pratt) is an act to amend the Nation’s Revenue and Taxation Act to amend the definition of veteran to include Osages currently on active duty status for at least two years.

- ONCR 17-02 (Edwards) is a resolution authorizing the Principal Chief to sign a lease of the Bluestem Ranch to the Bluestem Ranch LLC Board in accordance with the ranch board’s 2017 fiscal year annual plan of operations.

- ONCR 17-12 (Maria Whitehorn) is a resolution to express the Osage Nation has no confidence in the (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Osage Agency Superintendent Robin Phillips and to request that she be removed from her position and replaced with a capable candidate selected after consultation with the Osage Minerals Council and the Principal Chief.

During the session and committee meetings held in the Congressional chambers building, those public meetings (except executive sessions) will be live streamed at:

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