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2017 Osage Cultural Walk is scheduled for Oct. 21-22

The 2017 Osage Cultural Walk is scheduled for Oct. 21-22. The event is hosted by the Wah-Zha-Zhi Cultural Center.

Registration for the walk is open and will end on Sept. 22.

Since 2009, the WCC has hosted the Cultural Walk for scores of Osages and their families to participate in the occasion that commemorates the 1871 final move of the Osage people from Kansas to the modern-day Osage Reservation. The walk takes place at the Mullendore Crossbell Ranch in the far northeastern corner of Osage County. The ranch is located on the exact location where most of the Osages who came to Oklahoma from Kansas first crossed over into Indian Territory.

The walk, itself, is an overnight camping trip that culminates with a three-mile hike from the original 1871 historic marker to the Crossbell Ranch. 

The walk is open to Osages and their families. Children age 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Non-Osages who are parents, spouses or significant others will be allowed if they are registered with an Osage.

For more information contact the Cultural Center at (918) 287-5632. To download a registration packet, visit the Cultural Center's website at