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Hominy and Pawhuska village elections scheduled in November

November elections are scheduled for the Hominy and Pawhuska Village Committees for residents to elect or re-elect five village committee members.

Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear issued an Oct. 17 executive order calling for the Hominy village biennial election to take place Nov. 7.

In a separate Oct. 26 executive order, Standing Bear announced the Pawhuska village election is taking place on Nov. 14.

Village committee officials in both Pawhuska and Hominy recently contacted the Osage Nation Election Office to ask for village election assistance, said ON Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre.

According to the ON election code, the Pawhuska and Hominy village committees “shall undertake biennial elections for Five Person Village Committees. The Principal Chief shall schedule such elections. The villages or Village Committees may seek the assistance of other government entities to conduct their election as long as those elections are not inconsistent with the Osage Constitution and Osage law. Only village voters may vote in such elections.”

The last village elections were held in fall 2015 for both Hominy and Pawhuska villages with the ON Election Board and staff assisting in those respective elections.

Current Hominy village committee members are Reuben Battiste DeRoin (chairman), Jeff Willcox (vice chairman), April Mitts, William Shadlow and Laurence “Larry” Maker. 

Those serving on the Pawhuska village committee are Paula Stabler (chairwoman), Ryan RedCorn, Marjorie Williams, Patrick Luey and Kathryn Redcorn.

The Hominy village committee board members serve two-year terms and those eligible to vote and run in the election are “Any member of the Osage Tribe who is 21 years of age on or before an election day and who has resided in the village at least 30 days during the 12 months preceding the election,” according to the 1964 Hominy village constitution.

According to the 1964 Pawhuska village constitution, the committee is composed of five Osages “of whom shall be domiciled in the Pawhuska Indian Village. The committee shall be elected biennially by members of the Osage Tribe who are 21 years of age on or before election day and who have resided in the village for at least 30 days prior to the election.”