Osage Nation Ranch to offer four free hunting spots for Osage youth

Photo caption: Participants of the 10th Annual Cultural Encampment learn about archery. SHANNON SHAW DUTY/Osage News

The Osage Nation Ranch LLC board of directors has voted to offer four free deer hunting spots for Osage youth.

Galen Crum, ON ranch board member, said before the upcoming deer season Oklahoma allows one weekend in October for youth hunting only. It will be during that weekend four lucky Osage youth will be allowed to hunt deer on the ranch for free. He said if there are more than four Osage youth that apply, then they will hold a drawing.

Ranch work

The ON Ranch is seeking bid proposals for summer haying and they will also have a summer calf sale. They will be selling approximately 573 head of calves.

For more information, call (918) 287-3835.