Osage Casinos implements new sanitation processes to combat COVID-19

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced Osage Casinos to close all seven of its locations for nearly two months it forced casino leadership to think outside the box.

Casino staff immediately implemented a specialty air filtration system at the Tulsa location in each hotel room and software has been implemented in the slot machines to track the frequency of usage, according to a prepared release. The software notifies cleaning crews when it is time to clean each machine. Each casino has limited capacity so as not to overcrowd the casinos, said Osage Casinos CEO Byron Bighorse in the release.

Employee temperature kiosks are also in place to track employee health when they come to work and throughout their workday. Bighorse said this will also keep down on the spread of the flu.

“Before the pandemic, we had already implemented a specialty air filtration system in our new Tulsa location,” he said in the release. “At the time, it was a competitive feature to have each hotel room on its own air filtration system. Now, low and behold, this has become extremely valuable in keeping our customers safe. This air handler unit cleans air from the outside and pushes old air out, keeping the casino fresh.”  

After reopening again in May, Casino officials began extensive research to test for the best ways to keep customers safe and distant in an industry that is focused on food, drinks and socializing.  

Another safety measure they have embraced is no-contact food ordering, according to the release.  

“For the first time ever, our guests can order food from their phones and be notified when they can pick up their items. This allows guests a contactless way to view menu items and pay,” Bighorse said in the release.  

Osage Casinos hopes to be business as usual soon, but for now, they will continue to monitor the spread rate. 

“We will continue learning and thinking of the long-term while measuring the effectiveness of our safety efforts,” Bighorse said in the release. “We are thinking outside of the box to innovate and streamline efforts to improve our customer experience – whether or not we are in uncertain times.”