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Enslaved by Fear tours the west

Enslaved by Fear has come a long way since their Rocklahoma performance in 2014. The hard work and determination of the band to succeed and to expand their music is paying off.

The band performed on Sept. 11 at the nightclub Vanguard in Tulsa to release their newest album and to kick off their eight-city tour. The band traveled with two other bands, Threatpoint and D-Railed. The tour will last for nine days and kicked off in Tulsa. Enslaved by Fear will tour Houston, El Paso, San Diego, Las Vegas, Utah, Idaho, Denver and St. Louis.

“New and exciting things are happening for the band. Hard work and support from family and friends have made it possible to break into the music industry and go full force with touring and writing,” said lead singer Braxton Gothard.

Gothard, who is an Osage tribal member from Pawhuska, has been with the band since 2013. The band was founded by the Three Thrash Brothers from Bartlesville in 2012.

The Vanguard was packed full with Heavy Metal enthusiasts on Sept. 11, with dancers “head banging” and jumping into a mini mosh pit by the stage.

“I had never been to anything like this before, it was awesome!” said LaTonya West, who went to the Vanguard to watch Enslaved by Fear.

Enslaved by Fear and two other bands signed autographs and sold merchandise after the show.

Their music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, iheart radio and is also available for purchase on CD. Though they have not officially signed to a label yet, Gothard said they prefer to remain independent to be more cost effective at this juncture in their musical careers. However, they do have a booking agent who books their shows.

Gothard said when the band performed in St. Louis a little kid was in the crowd and that he had long blonde hair and was dancing and head banging to the music. During the last song of the set Gothard brought him up on the stage and let him hang out with him and the band. The video can be found on YouTube.

“We couldn’t have picked two better bands to be on the road with,” he said.

This will be the first of many hopeful tours in the future. They have a 16-day tour in the planning stages.

Gothard is not only a heavy metal rock singer; he is also an ordained minister who performs marriage ceremonies for his friends. He said he became a minister so he could marry his same-sex friends who couldn’t find ministers to marry them. However, he’ll need someone to conduct his own marriage in June 2016. To the dismay of many of his female fans, Gothard will be getting married to the sister of the Three Thrash Brothers band. He said the bands have always acted like brothers and now they will be.

Gothards parents are April Wazhaxi and Eric Gothard. He is the grandson of Miya McKim and great-grandson of John Fletcher McKim. His sister Roxanne decided to leave the band to pursue other avenues. He belongs to the Pawhuska District and is of the Eagle Clan and was named by the late Harry Red Eagle. 


Tara Madden

Original Publish Date: 2015-10-13 00:00:00


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