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Former Osage LLC board performed their duties

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Letter to the Editor

As a former Osage LLC board member, I take exception to Paula Stabler’s remarks in the October edition of Osage News with regard to previous board members. I served as treasurer on the Osage LLC board for approximately 16 mos. During that time tremendous obstacles were overcome by the board. There were many issues with unpaid subcontractors, employees using credit cards indiscriminately, financial records and actual current contracts were missing, and the LLC’s standing with the federal 8a program was in jeopardy, etc. The federal 8a contracts were completed or left in good standing, reduction of final payment to subcontractors was negotiated and paid, no lawsuits were filed, financial records were stabilizing and the tribe’s $1 million bond was left intact. Each board has its own challenges. Our challenges included organizing and stabilizing a dysfunctional operation. The board (prior to Mr. Freeman) resolved these issues by working long hard hours without a permanent CEO in place. For Ms. Stabler to imply that we did not perform our duties is just wrong.

Patsy Stuke
Derby, Kans.

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