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Getting ready for the 15th Annual Osage Oil and Gas Summit

The 15th Annual Osage Oil and Gas Summit is scheduled for Dec. 7 at the Osage Casinos – Skiatook. The Osage Minerals Council’s discussions, concerning the summit, seemed infused with the power of positive expectations. Nothing succeeds like success, and a review of previous summit successes seemed to spur new exciting ideas for this year’s summit.

Who, exactly, is the summit for?

The Oil and Gas Summit is intended for anyone and everyone interested in oil and gas. The planners want to make very clear that the Osage shareholders are particularly welcome and invited to attend. Members of the OMC said that they believe the more the Headright Holders know and understand about the production and conservation of this resource, the better they will be able to help protect and develop it.         

The producers are now and have always been partners in this 1.5 million acre underground energy source of hydrocarbons. So too are they partners in planning, developing, and producing the annual summit. This effort has proven itself to be a valuable forum for learning new methods and technologies, sharing different approaches to old problems, and networking with others in the field. Both the attendees and the speakers are drawn from those who have production in the Osage. There are also experts from university, industry, and government.

Chairman Everett Waller foresees taking the “Grand Old Lady of the Osage” (our Mineral Estate) well into the future through developing new fields and formations and expanding old ones. Talee Redcorn talks about how new technology will take us there (the future) and that we will take and use that new technology to get us there. 

Of particular interest is the time set aside for interaction between the attendees and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Oklahoma Geological Survey. New rules and regulations, which impinge on work in the oil patch can be discussed with the regulators themselves. Time frames for information requested and/or provided to and from government agencies and producers can be addressed. The ambiguity or clarity of the forms themselves can be discussed. This will be a time for face-to-face interaction and work.

Booth space has been made available for venders and exhibitors to show and demonstrate their equipment and supplies. There will be an Osage Indian artist show touting fine art, traditionally fashioned artifacts and contemporary crafts. Summit 15 memorabilia is available, including t-shirts, tote bags, hats and gifts. Cost of attending the summit is $40 general admission and $30 for Osage Headright Holders.

One Headright Holder, Jenks Geurin, encourages anyone who can possibly attend the summit to do so. She said that she has attended many times, and she always gets a lot out of it. According to Jenks, “You don’t have to do anything but sit, listen, learn and enjoy.” 


Rosemary Wood

Original Publish Date: 2016-11-15 00:00:00

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