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Horsechief brings home 8th win at National Indian Taco Championships

First place went to Ramona "Monie" Horsechief, 2nd place went to Meatpie Makers, 3rd place went to Next Generation and People's Choice went to Hungry Soul Cafe.

Sherry Stinson
Osage News

Crispy on the outside, fluffy goodness on the inside – that’s the beginning of a great Indian taco. Piled high with savory meats, cheese, and an assortment of veggies, the mouth-watering frybread delight was served up by the hundreds during the 18th annual National Indian Taco Championship on Saturday, October 1.

The Meatpie Makers led by Gina Red Eagle brought home second place in the 18th annual National Indian Taco Championship held Saturday, October 1, 2022. SHERRY STINSON/Osage News

Over 4,000 people descended on the streets of Pawhuska on a crisp October morning, stretching as far as the eye could see. Dance Maker Academy students, led by director Jenna Smith LaViolette, kicked off the event with a passionate performance of Giselle. Vendors opened their booths, offering a wide variety of Indigenous art, clothing, flowers, and more. As the morning stretched on, so did the lines to get tacos – especially to Ramona “Monie” Horsechief’s stand.

Third place winners were Next Generation, another first-time entrant to the NITC. SHERRY STINSON/Osage News

Horsechief once again took home the top prize with her eighth win at the NITC. When asked what the secret is to her success, she replied, “It’s my love for cooking. It’s wanting to make my grandmother, Effie Little Eagle, proud. She was a full blood Pawnee and she taught me how to make frybread. It’s practice. It’s trying new, innovative things. I don’t think it’s hit me yet that we won! It’s a good feeling! It helps me to grow, to strive to be better. We do a lot of community work, helping others, and this helps us do more.”

A new entrant from Arkansas, the People’s Choice winner was Hungry Soul Cafe owned by Tom and Cindy Bennett. SHERRY STINSON/Osage News

Also on tap for the day was an Intertribal dance competition, with a dazzling display of talent showcased. Results were:

Men’s Fancy

1st Amos Littlecrow
2nd Thunder Lieb
3rd Shaundai Poncho

Men’s Straight

1st Keetha Buffalohead
2nd Otto Hamilton
3rd William Tsosie

Women’s Cloth/Buckskin

1st Brooklyn Kemble
2nd Addison Cloud
3rd Brittany Taylor

Women’s Fancy/Jingle

1st Mikah Whitecloud

Juniors Boys Fancy

1st  Chris Tsosie

Juniors Straight

1st Antwine Hamilton
2nd William Hamilton
3rd Quentin Bell

Juniors Girls Fancy/Jingle

1st Katzy Buffalohead

Juniors Buckskin/Cloth

1st Maudie Jones
2nd Tiger Jones
3rd Dewyn Zephier


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