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It’s our responsibility as Wahzhazhe to tell our story

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What we have to have is true history taught in schools. Kids need to know about the founding, they need to know that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, they need to know about the constitution.” This is a direct quote by the Oklahoma Superintendent, Ryan Walters, sworn in to office on Jan. 9. I don’t know about you, but to me “true history” should come from the source: the people that lived it. It is our responsibility as Wahzhazhe to tell our own story just like we would expect other Tribal Nations to tell theirs. I encourage our Osage Nation Education Department to continue to create accurate and dynamic age-appropriate curriculum to provide to the Oklahoma State Department of Education and Local Education Agencies (otherwise known as school districts). This will provide all Oklahoma students the opportunity to learn our “true history” instead of the milquetoast Mr. Walters and other anti-CRT state politicians want to feed our children. In addition, I urge ON citizens to reach out by phone, email, and letter-writing to their State representatives and senators to let them know that “true history” is important to you too. As a unique Tribal Nation, the Osage can lead this effort by controlling our story, which will inspire other tribes to contribute to State curriculum by controlling and creating their own. 

One last thought: don’t get me started on Walters’ view on how this country was founded. That’s for another letter.

Meghan Willis Norton
Guthrie, OK



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