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James “Osage” Dailey announces his candidacy for Asst. Principal Chief

My Osage Allottee Grandparent’s:
37   Joe Osage (Wah-tsa-a-tah)
680 Effie Logan Harvey Graham (Wah-tain-du-sah)

I have thought long and hard about what is happening at the Nation today.

There are so many issues that require leadership and a change.

In this position, I would be required to work with the Principal Chief of the Osage Nation.  The Principal Chief will set the tribal goals and I will assist in whatever manner to see these goals are carried out.  I hope to be a key part of the Principal Chief’s management structure and I will serve the tribe as I am afforded in whatever opportunity or requirement. 

I will work diligently with the Principal Chief and the Osage Congress.

I bring a number of years of management expertise, and six years were running three tribes in top senior management.

I bring more expertise and skills in administration, contracting, accounting and Financial Statements, gaming, fund generation, investments, IT skills, IT platform development, economic development, business start-ups, research, and related skills.

Highest funded grant was for $28,000,000

Political Platform

Work with the Chief to get our Nation back in order

Work with the Osage Congress to promote effective tribal government

Work on having complete cooperation between all branches of government

Listen to all the Osage membership

Listen to the Osage Congress

Listen and work with Osage Minerals Council

Deal with the loss of our reservation status and I mean work on this

Advocate our rights and resources so that we DO NOT lose any more or other sovereign Osage assets  

Advocate a higher minimum wage 

Advocate Osages and only Osages in all top management positions

Advocate higher Osage education scholarships

Advocate all tax exemptions for members and promote all and every economic development tax exemptions at the Osage Industrial Park

Seek and Suggest the Contracting of all our Indian Health Service Programs

Provide a process and begin developing a plan for our Osage people sick from cancer.  A cancer center and cancer research institute needs to be developed for our people. Seed funding from other sources will be sought, if so supported by the Osage Congress.   This would include reservation and non-reservation Osages.

Provide good communication for the membership on all tribal issues. 

All I can do is be a team player and place the Nation back of a positive course

My professional experience includes over 21 years’ experience in economic development, tribal government/business, industrial development, casino development, organizational development, accounting systems, and job-creation as a Tribal Chairman, CEO, CFO, Executive Director/Tribal Manager, and owner of a small company. 

In my role at the Oklahoma State University Center for Innovation and Economic Development, Inc. (CIED), I served as the university’s Economic Development Contract and Grant Administrator at OSU’s Economic Development and Business Research Center.  Projects involved grants, contracts, subcontracts, and cooperative agreements from many different organizations.  My job involved every phase of economic and business development which included LLC expertise.

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Original Publish Date: 2014-02-13 00:00:00


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