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Jeff Irons announces bid for Assistant Principal Chief

In accordance with the Osage News Election policy, the Osage News is allowing each candidate 500 words on leading up to the June 2010 election.

Irons: “This is perhaps the most important office within our form of government.”

By Jeff Irons, Candidate for Assistant Principal Chief

My name is Jeffery Irons and I am announcing my candidacy for the Office of Assistant Principal Chief of the Osage Nation. This is perhaps the most important office within our form of government. I say this because it is the only office our constitution allows the Office Holder a voice on two branches of our government, the Executive and Congressional. This Office Holder should have a vast knowledge of budget experience, government operations and accountability that protects public funds while building the public trust. I feel my past job experience and knowledge qualifies me for this Office. Please consider the following while comparing each candidate in making your decision on our next Assistant Principal Chief.

I was employed with the Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector’s office for 5 years. Three of those years I was assigned to the Special Investigation Division. I investigated public officials accused of fraud, misuse of public funds, open meeting violations, and other crimes against the public. This job entailed tracing financial transaction, reviewing board minutes, examining internal controls and reviewing public records to determine if the allegation were supported by fact. The report would be submitted to the District Attorney or State Attorney General’s office to assist in legal decision against the accused.

I spent two years with the State Agency Division auditing government agencies. The experience with SA& I gave me the knowledge of how a government should operate effectively and how to identify and correct deficiencies within a government.

Having spent 13 years with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce I was responsible for over $6,500,000 in Federal and State grant funds. I conducted presentation of the grant program to governmental entities and developed and approve grant applications that met the national objectives of the program.

My wife Theresa and I have been married for 27 years. We have one son Mathias, age 16 and one daughter Elizabeth, age 14. My Mother is the late Imogene Jefferson Irons and my Grandmother is the late Louise Butler Jefferson. I am proud of my family that includes 3 sisters, Christina Roan, Sylvia Butler, Kari (Tincy) Fish and one brother Barry Irons and several nephew and nieces.

Presently, I am the Manager of the Federal grants program for the Osage Nation in the Office of Strategic Planning and Grants Management. This position has provided me with an understanding of how the Nation is currently operating and where improvements need to be implemented.

As all of us are aware, the Nation is facing some challenging times with the new government. This is why it is so critical to have leaders with experience and knowledge in government operations. It is with my experience in mind that I ask for your VOTE and SUPPORT for the Office of Assistant Principal Chief.

Throughout the weeks to come I will provide you with information on the myriad of issues at the forefront of our government. If you have questions please call me at 405-826-0721 or 918-642-1201 during the evening.


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Original Publish Date: 2010-02-11 00:00:00

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