Jenny Miller decides to run for Congress


A Rogers State University student who announced her intentions to run in the Osage Nation’s 2010 election earlier this year has decided to seek a congressional seat.

Jenny Miller, 55, has expressed interest in running for office for months but did not specify whether she would run for Congress or principal chief. She posted an Oct. 4 statement with her choice to her campaign Web site.

“With satisfaction and confidence, I announce my decision to run for the office of Congress in the Osage Nation Government,” Miller wrote. “I am satisfied that the current Congress is lacking the ability to make sound, respectful and just decisions for the Osage citizenry. I am confident that I have the ability, the compassion and the spirit to represent the people’s will in a steadfast manner.”

Miller, who has previous work as a paralegal, now resides in Claremore, Okla., and attends RSU where she’s taken courses on Native American and federal law, and history and contemporary issues related to Native Americans. She is a critic of the executive and legislative branches of the current Nation’s government and has written on recent topics affecting both branches in newsletters posted to her Web site at

“Should you elect me, it is with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and love for the Osage, that I pledge to truly and sincerely represent you, not the chief, not myself and not fellow congress members,” Miller added in her letter. “Let us all pray and work diligently to seek more Congressional Candidates who will stand strong in the face of adversity should we fail once again to elect a Chief worthy of the position.”


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Original Publish Date: 2009-10-12 00:00:00


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