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John Maker: Candidate statement for 2024 Osage Nation Congressional Election

Candidate statements and announcements are a free submission offered to candidates of the 2024 Osage Nation Congressional Election.

By John Maker

Vote John Maker for Osage Congress Osage Nation now is the time to rally behind a true leader, one who has the spirit and dedication to lead our Osage people. John Maker stands for hope for all Osages not just a select group and is ready to continue to serve our people with integrity, loyalty, and experience. Being a restricted landowner and Headright owner John understands the importance of protecting our Sovereignty and the natural resources of our Great Osage Reservation.

John Maker is three-quarters Osage Indian and has been raised right here on the Osage Reservation and has a rich cultural heritage growing up in a very traditional Osage family. John has full-blood original allottees in his family tree. His parents are the late Lloyd and Virginia Maker. His Grandparents are Original allottees Ross and Marie Maker. Paternal Great Grandparents Tah Hah Ga Xe and Wa Hu Sah Eh. Great Great Grandparents Mi Chet Se He and Wa Ko Sah Moie. Maternal Grandparents Buck Harding and Marguarite Penn Harding Great Grandparents Albert Penn and Dora McCarthy Penn.

As a U.S. Army veteran John was selected to attend U.S. Army Instructor school at FT. Benning Georgia. As a member of the instructor cadre at Ft. Benning Georgia John was assigned to instruct Trainees in AIT Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Benning Georgia. There he attained leadership skills which have guided him throughout his life. John served a two-year overseas service in Germany and has demonstrated the courage, discipline, and sacrifice it takes in the defense of our country. He will do the same in the defense of our Osage Nation.

Having earned a master’s degree in education from Kansas State University John brings the knowledge to assist our Osage Nation in facing the many challenges which we face today. John has also represented the Osage Nation in Washington D.C., in several veterans’ events. From Kansas City to St. Louis to overseas in France, John has been a strong advocate for the Osage Nation.

John is deeply rooted in Osage culture and has a place in our community as a member of the Hominy” In Lon Ska” committee and the Lottie Shunkamolah Chapter of the Native American church. John has also been an Osage Language teacher with the language department helping to save our Osage language.

John’s leadership has not gone unnoticed. He has been featured in prestigious platforms such as Bloomberg’s “In Trust” podcast and Tulsa’s KOTV News on 6’s “Reign of Terror” documentary. His knowledge of Osage history has highlighted and made an impact on issues facing our community.

Osage Nation the choice is clear. Let’s unite behind John Maker, a proven leader with the vision, experience, and dedication to lead us toward a brighter future. Together we will strengthen our community and build a better future for all Osage people. On election day vote for progress. Vote for integrity. Vote for John Maker for Osage Congress.

Editor’s Note: Candidate statements and announcements are not edited by the Osage News. They are a free submission offered to candidates of the 2024 Osage Nation Congressional Election.


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