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Kathryn Red Corn announces candidacy for Third Osage Minerals Council

The cornerstone of my contribution will be to remember the lessons of our elders – those past Osage leaders who united us in the past – and to build upon them.

In the early 1900s, when many conflicts arose within the Osage Tribe, there were five Osage leaders who became united.

I served on the first Osage Minerals Council from 2006 to 2010.  My proudest accomplishment was, when we, as the first Osage Minerals Council, raised the royalty amount by one percent.  These are the kinds of tangible results that I will help deliver as a member of the third Osage Minerals Council.

My campaign motto is simple, yet important to remember:  Yes, we can.

Yes, we cancome together as a community and begin the healing process that this great Osage Nation needs.

Yes, we canspark and inspire the action and commitment needed for the third Osage Minerals Council to unify creating measurable results, which bring back a strong economy to the Osage Annuitants.

It is my privilege to share with you the platforms on which my candidacy is based:

·       First, straight-forward tax analysis is needed and questions need to be answered.  Why do we pay a 5% gross production tax, while other tribal nations do not?  Over five years ago, the Governor of Oklahoma stated he would give an accounting of the gross production tax.  Proceeds from the tax were supposed to be spent on the Osage Reservation for schools, bridges and roads.  Has that been done?

·       Second, I believe the Osage Minerals Council should obtain the services of a professional petroleum analyst to provide analysis and data.  Based on what is learned, strategies to protect and enhance our Mineral Trust would be developed, which can only serve to make us more profitable.

·       Third, I will research and initiate action to be taken to recover monies that our Nation paid to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for employee salaries during the 1906-1950s time frame.  I will go after the Osage’s share.

·       Fourth, I support the Osage Minerals Council having its own website, thereby creating a networking opportunity for all annuitants to be a better informed integral part of Minerals Council activities, and

·       Fifth, the Osage Minerals Council is allocated $1 million, annually, through an Act of the U.S. Congress.  I will work to ensure that such funding is used properly to increase headright income.

I enjoy bringing people together to focus on important goals and to get things done.  My approach is to address difficult situations quickly, honestly, kindly and with backbone.

Vote for Kathryn Red Corn (#5 on your Osage Minerals Council ballot) for the third Osage Minerals Council, and we will work together, just as Osages did a century ago.  Like those five Osage leaders who united, we will work together for the good of the Osage Nation and future generations of Osages.

I ask for vote on Monday, June 2, 2014.


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