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Kathryn Red Corn announces her candidacy for Osage Minerals Council

By Kathryn Red Corn 

I am ­ XU-THA’-DOI (Good Eagle Woman), Kathryn Red Corn. I am seeking a third term on the Osage Minerals Council. My experience on the Council has allowed me to visualize future goals for the Osage Minerals Estate and understand how to reach these goals.

I am not a “fence-setter,” as I ferret out relevant facts and make strong decisive decisions, based on these facts. I am not afraid of confrontation; however, I can and do cooperate with others in working toward goals which are in the best interest of the Shareholders. Accomplishments obtained in this manner include:

  • LAWSUITS: Three Legal victories during the 3rd Osage Mineral Council. There are still those who covet our land and resources. We stand ready and are prepared to defend that which is ours. 
  • PROTECT MINERALS MANAGEMENT: OMC determined by Resolution that a tie vote would be considered a negative vote, thus, preventing the necessity for a non-shareholding Assistant Principal Chief to vote, as provided for in the Constitution.
  • HIRE PROFESSIONAL STAFF:  Recruit and hire the first professional oil and gas staff for OMC.  We have employed a Geologist with hands-on experience in the oil and gas fields of Osage County.  He, himself, is an Osage Annuitant. His father worked for the BIA Minerals Branch.

Basic to holding office is familiarity with Osage People. I have lived in the Pawhuska Indian Village as a child, and now as an elder. My family has participated in In-Lon-Schka since the Kanza brought the Drum to WA-XA-KO-LI. I know my people and they know me.

Much of my adult life has been devoted in service to the Osage People. My personal and professional life experiences have prepared me to serve in leadership positions. I have been on the Osage Minerals Council for two terms. I was Director of the Osage Tribal Museum for seventeen years, and, I am a present and past member of the Pawhuska Indian Village – Five Man Board.

I have tribal knowledge of the old and the new. Historically, Osages have been forward-looking people with feet firmly rooted in the past, focusing on the present, and preparing for the future. These have always basic tenets of my life philosophy. Informing my present and future are the following:


  • Owned and operated Gentle Tsi Zhu Art Gallery            
  • Program Assistant, Department of Interior, Education Department, Albuquerque, NM
  • Director, Indian Mineral Assistance Center, Tulsa, OK                                                         
  • Field Researcher, University of Oklahoma, American Indian Institute, Norman, OK
  • Project Director, National Tribal Chairman’s Association, Washington, DC          
  • Field Researcher, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS  
  • Executive Director, North American Indian Foundation                  
  • Spec. Assistant, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Department of Interior, Washington, DC
  • Research Assistant, Carnegie Foundation, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL                     
  • 2016 AARP Annual Indian Elder Honoree

I care about the Osage Shareholders and the Osage Mineral Estate. I have the experience and expertise to continue to manage, grow and develop this sacred resource, the Osage Mineral Estate. Help me do this by your vote.


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Original Publish Date: 2018-05-03 00:00:00


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