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Michael Kidder announces his candidacy for Osage Nation Congress

By Michael Kidder

I am proud to announce my candidacy to run for Osage Nation Congress. 

My Great Grandparents are Ben Wheeler and Fannie Wheeler, Amos Hamilton and Marie Etiva Hamilton. Grandparents are Muskogee Wheeler and Mildred Wheeler. My Parents are Mary Francis Wheeler Kidder and Dennis Kidder.  I have been married to Pam Kidder for over 26 years and have two boys along with raising my niece and nephew. 

I grew up in Osage Country, Hominy Indian Village, surrounded by family, grandmother, aunts and uncles and many cousins. I was very fortunate to grow up in learning from my elders. I have learned to listen and be respectful to those that are speaking, not overlook ones opinion.

Our family participates in the In-Lon-Schka dances and I am very proud to sit on the Zon-Zo-Li committee for over 40 years.  I believe the Osage Culture and history is very important and should be maintained and encouraged with the help of the Nation.   

Graduated from Hominy High School and with the help of Osage Scholarships and grants I went off to College. I graduated from Northern Oklahoma College and transferred to Southwest Oklahoma State University, majoring in Chemistry and math. Started my career at Barret Refinery as a Quality Control Chemist, later moving to Oklahoma City working for Kerr McGee/Tronox doing research and development in new products and process improvement. Worked for Waste Management in a R&D, pulling the methane off the trash dumps sites and converting to Biofuels. Then on to Lubrication Engineers working for them in the sales consultant.  I currently work for myself as a Sales Consultant for United Laboratories, working with customers, using our technology to help w/ petroleum sludge, foul odors and other needs.

I also currently serve as an Osage Nation Gaming Commissioner, overseeing rules and regulation, gaming licenses to employees and vendors of the Osage Nation Gaming.  The Osage Gaming Commission is set up to preserve and protect the integrity of the Osage Nation’s gaming activities ensuring fair and honest practices by patrons and operators, enforcing all applicable gaming laws and internal controls, and ensuring that the Osage Nation is the primary beneficiary of the gaming facilities. 

As an Osage Nation Congressman, I would protect our Osage Sovereignty, Minerals Estate, and Osage Culture.  I would also look after taking care of our Elderly Osage People, provide housing and medical care. While continuing the Scholarship program and Health Cards.  I would provide new ideas, such as term limits for congress, looking at mental health issues, just a few of the ideas.

I would be happy to listen to any ideas, my email address is

I believe, I have the experience to serve the Osage people with honor and integrity.  I ask for your support in my campaign and in the election.  Vote Michael Kidder.


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Original Publish Date: 2018-03-12 00:00:00


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