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More accountability is needed in Osage LLC operations

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Letter to the Editor

My comments refer to recent articles dated Oct. 5, 2022: 1) Osage LLC Board responds to news coverage in six-page letter to ON Congress and 2) Chief Standing Bear vetoes majority of Osage LLC funding, Congress fails to override. Both articles relate to LLC accountability.

Regarding the first item, I appreciate that the NEWS is willing to elaborate about its reporting, in answer to Mr. Freeman’s letter. Personally, I see his “clarifications” as nothing more than lawyered-up statements that do little to explain the questions many still have about the LLC Board’s terrible lack of accountability during his time as chairman.

The second report is gratifying to we constituents who are pleased that our Congress is seeking details about LLC operations. Current LLC Board members are learning what past members know; information requests have been ignored and plans not forthcoming. As for any well-run enterprise, an LLC budget request most definitely should be accompanied by a formal proposal based on schedule deadlines and a management plan appropriate for the amount of money being spent. Congress seems to be understanding how such policy is a basis for accountability. I hope they learn to insist on it. 

Also, the second article quotes Congressman Maker about those who have little faith in the LLC Board. Congress asking the right questions about funding is a great first step toward improvement that can lead to more confidence, but this Board still has bad press to overcome. Readers depend on the NEWS to report fairly; obligation to do so is a choice the NEWS makes.

I wish the LLC Board would feel obligated … to being accountable. 

Marilee Camblin 
Portland, Ore.

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