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ON Congress ends Hun-Kah Session, approves $250k bill for Bluestem Ranch Board


Osage News

The Fifth Osage Nation Congress voted to end the 2018 Hun-Kah Session shortly before 7 p.m. April 19 and voted on several bills before adjourning. The following economic development-related bills passed with majority votes:

– ONCA 18-16, which is a $250,000 appropriation bill for the Bluestem Ranch LLC Board. The bill passed with an 8-2 vote.

– ONCA 18-20 – A bill to authorize and appropriate up to $450,000 to meet a 15 percent matching contribution requirement for the Community Connect Grant for the Pawhuska Overlay service area.

– ONCA 18-22 – A bill to authorize and appropriate approximately $50,000 to both Osage LLC and Tallgrass Economic Development LLC boards for board member stipends.

– The Congress voted down appropriation bill ONCA 18-05 which was a $400,000 appropriation for the Osage Nation Energy Services LLC. The bill failed with a 6 (yes) – 4 (no) votes. A motion to reconsider the vote on this bill also failed.

– Also, the Congress failed to confirm Jim Parris for another term on the Osage LLC Board. The vote failed with a 4-4 vote and two abstentions. Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn was not allowed to vote to break the 4-4 tie due to his acting Principal Chief status today through April 23 while Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear is out of the office. The acting Principal Chief designation is noted in an April 18 Executive Branch memorandum. Red Corn asked the Congressional Clerk to note for the record he objected to not being allowed to vote in breaking tie votes that day.

All passed legislation will go to the Executive Branch for consideration of signing into law.

Check back to for more updates on legislative items considered in the Hun-Kah Session. 

Original Publish Date: 2018-04-25 00:00:00

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