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ON Education Department hosts 3rd Annual STEAM Science Fair

Photo caption: Kynlie Jones and Blaire Standingbear, second graders at Daposka Ahnkodapi, explain their class STEAM Fair project titled, “Guinea Pig Maze Brain-a-Thon” to Kynlie’s dad Shannon Jones. SHANNON SHAW DUTY/Osage News

The 3rd Annual STEAM Science Fair, hosted by the Osage Nation Education Department, was buzzing with activity on Jan. 30 at the Osage County Fairgrounds.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math and this year there were 241 students that participated. Local 7th and 8th grade students participated from the following schools: Skiatook, Hominy, Avant, Barnsdall, Pawhuska, Bowring, Osage Hills, Woodland, and Daposka Ahnkodapi (Our School).

This year the fair was condensed to two days, unlike previous years.

“With two days, more schools attended each day and the students were exposed to more projects. We increased the number of judges and reorganized the project layout, this made the process more efficient,” said Jennifer Holding, STEAM Coordinator. “Students enjoyed the snacks and lunch donated by Osage Casinos, a photo booth, a drone activity, a sensory station provided by Osage Nation Child Care, and games with Osage Nation Prevention Program during their presentation breaks.”

Holding said the top three winners from each grade will have the opportunity to compete at the Bartlesville District Science Fair. The education department will pay their entry fee as a reward for winning. 

The top seven project winners, from each grade, will enjoy a fun filled day building robots at Bricks for Kidz, a delicious lunch at Hideaway Pizza, and creative art workshop at Pinot’s Palette, she said.

The teachers from each school that participated at the science fair received $100 in supplies for their science classroom. Holding said the education department partnered with the ON Environmental and Natural Resources Department, Osage Casinos, ON Communications, ON Child Care, ON Prevention, Daposka Ahnkodapi, Osage County Public Schools and faculty, and the Osage County Fairground employees. 

“We had a remarkable group of judges this year. We look forward to next year and hosting our 4th Annual Osage Nation STEAM Science Fair,” she said.

Donna Gray, a Woodland Middle School student in the 8th grade, said after a tornado hit in downtown Fairfax in the fall, it inspired her science project. She said she didn’t know of anyone in particular who was impacted by the tornado, but it made her curious about tornadoes.

“I wanted to know why tornadoes form,” she said. Her presentation had various facts on a poster board and she said that when people don’t have storm cellars, they can be in danger. She discussed various ways to be prepared in the event of a tornado and where to take cover inside your home if one should happen to hit nearby. “We go to the center of our house.”

The first grade of Daposka Ahnkodapi made a class project for the fair and named it “How to Build a Ship; Floating Titanic.” The class built different ships out of different materials to see which one would float better and they also learned about the Titanic’s history.

Shane Cass, a first grader at Daposka Ahnkodapi, said that when he made a ship out of cardboard it sank. But when he made a ship out of Styrofoam, it floated. “Because the Styrofoam has more buoyancy,” he said. “The cardboard is too dense.”

The second grade of Daposka Ahnkodapi made “Guinea Pig Maze Brain-a-Thon” where they tested their two class guinea pigs by enticing them with different vegetables and fruits to see which one would make the guinea pigs run through a maze of their making. Their graph had the Osage words for each vegetable and fruit they tried to entice the guinea pigs, and it was written in English and the Osage orthography. The times of each guinea pig was also recorded on the graph.

Kynlie Jones, a second grader at Daposka Ahnkodapi, explained that out of all the fruits and vegetables they tested, “broccoli was our guinea pigs’ favorite.”


The top overall winners are listed below.


From Skiatook Public School

Brandon Hight and Joseph Unap with Which Wood Burns Faster?

Trinity Sickler and Presley Brown with Avocados

Mallory Scraper and Payton Haley with Coloring Changing Flowers

Kadin Galviola with Got Lint? Use It!

Bryson Waugh with Heat Pump Kinetic Energy

Sarah Campbell and Lindsey George with Salty Shrimp

Anna Belle Wilcoxson and Alexis Thomas with The Hard Boiled Facts

Kane Beard with Hydrophobic Metal

Elle Johnson with How Much Bacteria is in Water?


From Pawhuska Public School

Madison Martin with Cutting the Fat

Caroline Perrier with Brighten your Smile

Alyssa Yoho with Paper Towel Challenge

Laurel Moody with Rust Removal

Skye Amberson with Biofuel on Biofuel

On both days of the science fair, there were categorical winners that received ribbons:


Day One, 7th grade


Biochemistry/Chemistry –


1st, Cooper Stuever

2nd, Addison Slavin

3rd, Audree Stehno and Cole Martin


Botany/Zoology –

1st, Kimmy Rathbun


Engineering/Physics –

1st, Aidan Shelton

2nd, Aidan Howard

3rd, Sara Cates


Environmental/Earth/Space Science –

1st, Trinidy Rice

2nd, Katie Griffin

3rd, Timothy Henson


Math/Computer Science –

1st, Conner Haas


Medicine/Health –

1st, Francesca Chaney

2nd, Izzy Holding

3rd, Caroline Shadlow


Day One, 8th grade


Biochemistry/Chemistry –

1st, Xander Trotter

2nd, Olivia Kannegiesser

3rd, Braeden Foster


Botany/Zoology –

1st, Christopher Renuard

2nd, Linda LeGall

3rd, Abigail Duncan


Engineering/Physics –

1st, Bryson Waugh

2nd, Kane Beard

3rd, Dakota Flores


Environmental/Earth/Space Science –

1st, Kadin Galviola

2nd, Elle Johnson

3rd, Margaret Stratton


Medicine/Health –

1st, August Holding

2nd, Charity Wolcott

3rd, Garrett Case


Day One, 7th grade partners


Biochemistry/Chemistry –

1st, James Grieshaber and Eathon Workman

1st, Julia Willis and Lillie Sherrill

2nd, Rylee Hipp and Brynlee Frame

3rd, Makayla Remington and Adelynn Waller


Botany/Zoology –

1st, Mallory Scraper and Payton Haley


Environmental/Earth/Space Science –

1st, Brandon Hight and Joseph Unap

Medicine/Health –

1st, Trinity Sickler and Presley Brown

2nd, MaKenzie Tatum and Kodi Gaviola

3rd, Hali Anderson and Samantha Seratte


Day One, 8th grade partners


Biochemistry/Chemistry –

1st, Andrew Zagrabelny and Tanner Smith

2nd, Alex Morgan and Riley Elrod

3rd, Tatum Daughtry and Kyla Vining


Botany/Zoology –

1st, Addison Holloway and Farren Wright


Engineering/Physics –

1st, Benjamin Jeffries and Waylen Conley

2nd, Isaac Long and Chase Tindell


Environmental/Earth/Space Science –

1st, Sarah Campbell and Lindsey George

2nd, Deyton Harney and Marissa Cantu


Medicine/Health –

1st, AnnaBelle Wilcoxson and Alexis Thomas

2nd, Kiara McGoy and Abby Johnson

3rd, Emily Cody and Kadence Burress


Day two, 7th grade:


Biochemistry/Chemistry –

1st, Madison Martin

2nd, Caroline Perrier

3rd, Laurel Moody


Botany/Zoology –

1st, William Gruenwanld


Engineering/Physics –

1st, Alyssa Yoho

2nd, Cadence Dagenais

3rd, Triston Hull


Environmental/Earth/Space Science –

1st, Grace Morrison

2nd, Romey Walker

3rd, Elvernon White


Medicine/Health –

1st, Noah Wilson


Day Two, 8th grade:


Biochemistry/Chemistry –

1st, Skye Amberson

2nd, Tyrel Richardson

3rd, Ashley Bell

3rd, Hannah Waller

Botany/Zoology –

1st, Eleanor Walker


Engineering/Physics –

1st, Vin Cass

2nd, Alyese Radford

3rd, Trevor Rye


Environmental/Earth/Space Science –

1st, Corena Tiller

2nd, Taylor Wade-Raffensperger

3rd, Donna Gray


Math/Computer Science –

1st, Kactus Benefiel


Medicine/Health –

1st, Faith Rackliff

2nd, Connor Easley

3rd, Shae Bellamy


Day two, partners:


Biochemistry/Chemistry –

1st, Malorie Gardner, Faith Cox, and Aidan Rhodes

2nd, Trinity Kohnle and Charlee Nittler

3rd, Gloria Baker and Kambrie Jones


Botany/Zoology –

1st, Tylie Tignor and Chloe Broughton

2nd, Justice Robertson and Dominic Mckinney


Engineering/Physics –

1st, Squanto Brownwolf          Aden Hart

2nd, Carson Dilbeck, Seth Kuhr, and Levi Porter


Medicine/Health –

1st, Trey Brown, Elizabeth Lockett, and Trista Kelly


The first and second graders from Daposka Ahnkodapi presented projects this year for the fair.  The first graders’ project was How to Build a Ship; Floating Titanic and the second graders’ project was Guinea Pig Maze Brain-a-Thon. All of the Daposka Ahnkodapi students were awarded ribbons for doing such a great job, Holding said.


The first graders are:

Jacob Ballard

Shane Ventura Cass

Carsyn Crawford

Edward Gray

Dominic Shackelford

Emmett Smith

Kit Standingbear


The second graders are:

Camdan Bickford

Joseph Duty

Teegan Hail

Titan Harris

Luna Jacobs

Kynlie Jones

Stellah McKinley

Pehan RedCorn

Blaire Standingbear


Shannon Shaw Duty

Original Publish Date: 2019-03-27 00:00:00


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