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ON Wildland Fire Management issuing information on burn permit process

The Osage Nation’s Wildland Fire Management department is now issuing information on the burn permit process to landowners where the Nation has jurisdiction.

Corbin Malone, a fire prevention technician for Wildland Fire Management, said information packets that include a permit form, will be mailed by his office to those who own restricted or trust lands within the Nation’s jurisdictional boundaries. He said the packet mailing would start Jan. 13.

As for those who lease ON-owned land, Malone said the Bureau of Indian Affairs Osage Agency would be notifying the lessees (i.e. those who lease land for grazing and hunting purposes) of the new burn permit process.

Malone said the packet includes a cover letter informing the land owners and users of the recently passed Osage law requiring burn permits and prohibiting unlawful burning during a no-burn day. He said the burn permit process packet contains eight pages of information on the law and the permit form.

The Fifth ON Congress passed ONCA 16-78 during the 2016 Tzi-Zho Session, which is “An Act to prohibit burning without a permit; to prohibit burning on designated fire danger days; (and) to establish penalties for violation.” The law states the Nation’s Wildland Fire Management Department shall prepare the burn permit forms and the permits are subject to guidelines and rules/ regulations of the Wildland Fire Department.

For more information on burn permits or the Wildland Fire Management department contact their office at (918) 287-9767 or email them at Constituents can also contact Malone at (918) 604-9055 or the department’s director Ross Walker at (918) 855-7996.

The ON Wildland Fire Management Office is located at 1968 Old State Highway 99 S. in Pawhuska. 


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Original Publish Date: 2017-01-20 00:00:00


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