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Osage college graduates thankful for Osage scholarship

Compared with the rest of Indian Country, some would say the Osage Nation offers a generous college scholarship to those students who keep their grades up.

Applications for the Osage Nation Higher Education Scholarship program are due to the Education Department before Aug. 1 for the fall 2014 semester deadline.

“The Osage Scholarship not only enabled me to achieve a college education, but it also enabled me to follow through with my dreams, that many of my family members have instilled in me,” said Melissa Scharnhorst, a recent graduate from Rogers State University. “Because of the Osage scholarship I was able to obtain an education without having the stress of student loan debt upon graduating. This has been a lifelong dream and I am humbled by the support of my family, friends and the Osage Nation.”

The scholarship applications can be downloaded from the education department’s website, or prospective students can call or email the education department for a copy of the application.

According to the education department, award money may only be used for the following areas: Tuition, fees, books, school supplies, room and board.

“The scholarship has meant that I didn’t have to worry about funding my undergraduate career, and it is a relief that its support will continue throughout my graduate schooling,” said Stanford University medical student Layton Lamsam. “It reminds me that my tribe is behind me all the way, and that I am an ambassador to folks whose only impression of Osages may be from me. It not only encourages young Osages to pursue college or graduate school, but it is a statement that the Osage Nation has taken a stake in building that they are. That shows commitment, which I believe will be, reciprocated.”

The Osage News checked with various colleges and universities in Oklahoma and Kansas and asked how many Osage students attended their schools. The count the colleges returned was based on the students who have identified themselves as Osage at their respective universities, versus, the students who have received the Osage Higher Education Scholarship (per the education department) and who were enrolled in the 2014 spring semester.


Identified Osage  

Scholarship Recipients per Education Dept.


Rogers State University          (RSU)



Northeastern State University (NSU)



Haskell Indian Nation University (HINU)



Oklahoma State University (OSU)



University of Oklahoma (OU)



Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (NEO)




For more information on the Osage Nation Higher Education Scholarship, contact: (918) 287-5200 or email:


Tara Madden

Original Publish Date: 2014-06-24 00:00:00


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