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Osage election results announced

Osage voters re-elected Geoffrey Standing Bear as Principal Chief, Raymond Red Corn as Assistant Principal Chief and selected four new Osage Nation Congress members in the 2018 General Election.

According to unofficial Congressional election results, Scott BigHorse received the highest total vote count at 1,456; Eli Potts received 1,283 votes in second place, Brandy Lemon received 1,070 votes; and Paula Stabler finished sixth with 911 votes. Voters re-elected Alice Goodfox (third with 1,149 votes) and Angela Pratt (fifth with 1,027 votes).

In the Principal Chief race, Standing Bear received 1,659 votes (67.85 percent) and Maria Whitehorn received 744 votes (30.43 percent). For the Assistant Principal Chief race, Red Corn received 1,700 votes (69.53 percent) and Otto Hamilton received 690 votes (28.22 percent).

All three ON Supreme Court Justices received majority “yes” votes for retention. Chief Justice Meredith (Quinata) Drent and Associate Justices Elizabeth Lohah Homer and Drew Pierce will each serve another four-year term.

ON Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre announced the results at approximately 8:40 p.m., which is less than an hour after the polling place closed. The ON Election Board will certify the results barring any requests for recounts in the general election within three business days from the election results announcement.

At 9:55 p.m. Osage Minerals Council Election Supervisor Billie Ponca announced the OMC election results with four first-time council members elected. The top eight finishers in the OMC race are Talee Redcorn (incumbent), Susan Revard Forman, Paul Revard, Andrew Yates (incumbent), Marsha Harlan, Myron Red Eagle (previously served 2010-2014), Everett Waller (incumbent) and Margo Gray.


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