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Osage Nation launches website with new look to access information, gov’t services


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Now online, the Osage Nation has launched a new government website with a new look and “easy and clear access” to information and services accessed by the Osage public and visitors.

On the morning of Sept. 1, the Nation announced the new website went live at the same location as the previous one.

In a news release, the Executive Branch stated: “The Nation put forth CARES and ARP Act funds due to the (COVID-19) pandemic highlighting a critical need to provide safe and efficient access of information to users across the globe.” Although the website has an updated appearance, users will continue to have access to important ON government and service information using the same web address.

“Now more than ever, Osage community members need clear and direct access to the critical services Osage Nation provides,” said Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear in a statement. “Our Information Services Department has been working with our directors and staff to design a new website to fill this need. We are excited to launch the initial phase of this ongoing project today.”

Direct feedback from web users and guidance from user-experience industry leaders were used to design the upgraded site, the release stated.

“Our new website deployment is a direct result of user surveys and other member input,” said Mark Kirk, ON Information Services Director in a statement. “The Digital Services Team, in conjunction with all other Osage Nation departments and programs, has worked hard to provide a very capable and yet still easy to use method for engaging with Osage Nation. Our new web presence provides access to a suite of features, services and information with a completely new look and feel. This is still a living project, however, and will be constantly updated and revised.”

Also located on the new website homepage, users are invited to complete a short feedback survey by clicking the link in the blue-colored bar at the top of the page. The survey asks for users’ basic demographic information and asks them to rate the website features and user experience on a 1-5 scale.

“Your opinion is important to us and the survey is the best way to let us know how we’re doing,” Kirk said. “These surveys are a major source for the changes that are made to the site. Our goal is to continue to improve Osage Nation’s digital presence and provide the best user experience possible.”

Going forward, the next phase of the continued evolution of the ON government website includes a service portal, which will allow for online application processing for direct services and will be added in the coming months, according to the Executive Branch.

Original Publish Date: 2021-09-03 00:00:00


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