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Osage News Candidate Questionnaire – Jim Trumbly

The Osage News asked candidates to answer 13 questions about their families, Osage culture, work experience and education. The News did not edit their responses and all questions were optional.

1)    Name: Dr. James (Jim Trumbly)

2)    Osage Name: Tah-Wa-He

3)    Clan  / Band(s): Tsi shu Peacemaker, Eagle

4)    Osage District: Pawhuska

5)    Family: Divorced, 2 Sons (Austin, Liam)

6)    Osage ancestry: William Dale Trumbly
Grandfather – Oliver Trumbly (original allottee)

Great Grandparents – Julian Trumbly (Original Allottee) Eliza Tinker (Original Allottee)

Great Great Grandmother – Marie L Valle (Julian’s mother)

Great Great Grandmother – Maria J d L LasChapelle (Eliza Ann Tinker’s Mother)

Great Great Great Grandmother – Josephine White Hair (Marie L Valle’s mother)

Great Great Great Great Grandfather – Pa hu ska

7)    Education:


–  Doctorate Business Administration, Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis


–  M.S., Business Computing Science


–  B.B.A., Management Information Systems

8)    Work Experience: (highlights only)

Intelligent Software Solutions

Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP)
Software Designer

Requirements Manager and Site Lead in Afghanistan

            Techsmart International

                        Chief Solutions Architect & Director of the Project Management Office

            Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

                        Chief Technology Officer US Telecommunications Industry Group

                        Sr. Project Management Office Manager

9)    Are you cultural? I am planning on entering the dances this year. I have been working on my traditional dress for the past 2 years. Working with the cultural center, I have made my own traditional dress, except the metal pieces, the roach, and the finger weaving.

10) Are you related to any other candidate? I am NOT related closely to any other candidate. Of course, many families are intertwined including the Trumblys and the Revards.

11) Are you related with a current Osage official? I am NOT related closely to any Osage Nation Official.

12) Anything else you would like to add? I am the Sr. Vice Commander for The American Legion Post 198 Pawhuska. I served during the Vietnam War in the Army. I was a Crypto Repairman, which meant that I repaired all the coding and decoding equipment. After leaving the Army I spent several years in the Oil Business. 

Dr. Trumbly holds a doctorate in Business Administration.  In addition, I attended the University of Oklahoma for his BBA in Management, and Texas A&M for a Master’s in Business Computing Sciences.  His Doctorate in Business Administration is from Mississippi State University.

I have served on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma, University of Texas at El Paso, and currently is an adjunct faculty member at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Bacone College and Pawnee Nation College.  I have been working in the IT / Technology field since 1980.  Also, I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

I worked in the private sector as a consultant and software designer. I traveled to Afghanistan in 2010 as a government defense contractor. I have written over 30 refereed journal articles and conference proceedings. I also hold a patent for the development of “Business Level Metrics for Information Technology.”

I am currently teaching for Pawnee Nation College and working on projects for the Osage Nation, including Bird Creek Farm and the Broadband Project. I am a NRA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Muzzle loading.  I am an Eagle Scout, a Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow and have worked with Scouts for over 15 years as an Adult Volunteer.

I moved to Pawhuska for two purposes 1) To assimilate and learn the Osage Culture through immersion and 2) to give back to the Native Community – specifically to serve the Osage People.


Osage News

Original Publish Date: 2020-05-05 00:00:00

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