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Osage News Candidate Questionnaire – Joe Tillman

The Osage News asked candidates to answer 13 questions about their families, Osage culture, work experience and education. The News did not edit their responses and all questions were optional.

1)     Name: Joe Tillman

2)     Osage Name: O-be-tse-kah Kah-hay  (Red tail hawk maker or Hawk maker)

3)     Clan: Sun

4)     Osage District: Gray Horse

5)     Family: Married to Cindy Tillman 17 years.  One daughter Cory Tillman

6)     Osage ancestry: Original Allottee’s  Great grandparents Hall Goode and Maggie (Yellow Horse) Goode. Grandmother Josephine Goode Tillman

7)     Education: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts both in Communications from Oklahoma State University.

8)     Work Experience: Marketing for CPA firms, College coaching, Division Leader for Osage Nation.

9)     Are you cultural? Dancing for over 45 years. My grandmother taught me how to weave, bead, sew, and cook.

10)  Are you related to any other candidates? Probably all of them in one way or another.

11)  Anything else you would like to add? As an Osage my focus will continue to be on faith, family, women, children, elders, culture and language and opportunities to keep them strong.  I was raised by my grandmother a full blood Osage woman who taught me many things.  She taught me love, how to be humble, and most important how to make decisions.  Many times her decision making was difficult and not always popular with me and my brother. However, she made them with the information provided and we moved on. Similarly as a member of Congress I have to make decisions that are not always popular but we make them and we move on. No one is perfect and I pray to God that he always guides us in the right direction.  Now is not a time to criticize but a time to lift one another up and be supportive.  

Today the world is changing around us as we speak and our Constitution speaks to uniting as a Nation and as a people, calling upon the fundamental values that we hold sacred. Paying homage to generations of Osage leaders of the past and present and giving thanks to their wisdom and courage.  You as constituents have a voice and that voice needs to be heard.  Please take every opportunity to reach out to any member of the Osage Congress and express your views about our Nation and the direction we are headed. 

The Osage Nation remains strong and will continue to grow as we are constantly working to improve programs and services.  Our employees are the backbone of the Osage Nation and we have to continue providing them with adequate resources for their success. 

I humbly ask you for your support and vote this June.  Stay safe and may God bless!

Joe Tillman


Osage News

Original Publish Date: 2020-05-05 00:00:00

Osage News Staff
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