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Osage News Candidate Questionnaire – Melissa Goodfox Dailey

The Osage News asked candidates to answer 13 questions about their families, Osage culture, work experience and education. The News did not edit their responses and all questions were optional.

1) Name:          Melissa Goodfox Dailey

2) Osage Name: N/A  Pawnee name means Lucky Moon

3) Band(s):        Pawnee Chaui Band

                        Great – Grandparents were of the William Penn Band

                        Great – Grandparents were of the Beaver Band             

4) Osage District:          Hominy Zon Zo Li

6) Family:         Not married – fiance’ to William Schroif

                        3 Children – Amos, Rachel and Chelsea

7) Osage ancestry:

Paternal Great-Grandparents

Henry Goodfox & Kate Hawk Chief Goodfox Minthorn  (Pawnee)

Robert Morrell (Allottee 803) & Grace Penn Morrell (Allottee 824)

Amos Goodfox Sr. (Pawnee) and Myrtle Morrell Goodfox Unap (Osage)

Amos Goodfox Jr. (Father)


Maternal Great-Grandparents

Harry Red Eagle Sr. (Allottee 535) & Mary Pappin Red Eagle (Allottee 73)

Harry Red Eagle Jr. and Willimina Montgomery Red Eagle

Janet Red Eagle Goodfox (Mother)

8) Education:    Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting

                        University of Houston – Victoria

9) Work Experience: I have over 30 years in accounting.  I have been in the oil and gas industry for 27 years.  I have worked in Oklahoma and Texas.

10) Are you cultural?

                        I have been involved with Inlonshka my whole life

I am currently trying to attend online classes.  Which is a great opportunity.  I also have the app for my phone.  Awesome!

I sew Indian shirts, I try weaving, and I am trying my hand at ribbon work.  I have made a couple pairs of mocs – but they aren’t worn in public.  And, I do bead work.

11) Are you related to any other candidate? 

                        I am related to Billy Keene – Cousin from my Red Eagle family

John Maker, Mary Jo Pratt – Cousin from Great Grandmother’s family Grace Penn Morrell

12) Are you related with a current Osage official?

                        Alice Goodfox – Sister-in-law

                        Paula Stabler – Cousin

                        Angela Pratt – Cousin

13) Anything else you would like to add?

I am Melissa Goodfox Dailey from the Zon Zo Li District.  It is my concern during this pandemic crisis, that the health and well-being of our Osage Nation be protected and the factors that follow will be addressed.  These factors are the preservation of our culture, education, environment and economic sustainability.  We are in an age of technology that allows our cultural programs to be enhanced and shared amongst the people in state and out of state.  Our education program is a benefit that is a blessing and we must be grateful to receive and give back to our Osage Nation.  Greater economic ventures must be pursued that will provide economic sustainability now and for our future. 

I am dedicated to support stronger legislation that will provide fair appropriations to our Nation’s health, culture, education, environment and economic programs.

I would like to ask for your support and vote on June 1, 2020.

Thank you





Osage News

Original Publish Date: 2020-05-01 00:00:00


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