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Osage News Candidate Questionnaire – Pam Shaw

The Osage News asked candidates to answer 13 questions about their families, Osage culture, work experience and education. The News did not edit their responses and all questions were optional.

1)    Name: Pam Shaw

2)    Osage Name: WAH-K’O KAH-HI-KA (Woman Chief)

3)    Clan: Family Clan- Deer; named into Eagle Clan

4)    Band(s): Governor Joe’s Band

5)    Osage District: Grayhorse

6)    Family:

Married to John Shaw for 30 years.

Sons & spouses:  Derek & Kaitlin Shaw; Burgess & Whitney Shaw; Kirk Shaw & fiancé Eden McIntosh.

Grandchildren:  Lilly Michaela Rose Shaw, 2, & Garrett Neal Shaw, 2 weeks.

7)    Osage ancestry:

Great great grandfather:  Wilson Kirk, Tah Sah Tah (Five Deer)

Great Grandmother:  Rose Pipestem

Grandparents:  Burgess Primeaux & Virginia Wabaunsee Primeaux

Original Allottee:  Rose Pipestem

8)    Education: Bachelor of Science in Business, St. Gregory’s University

9)    Work Experience:

15 Years Tribal Gaming – Osage & Kaw Gaming, Inc.:  Director, General Manager, COO of Gaming & Entertainment, Chief Executive Officer

17 Years Corporate Experience  

1 Year Independent Gaming Consultant & Trainer

10) Are you cultural? I am culturally involved in the Inlonshka and enjoy traditional cooking and sewing.

11) Are you related to any other candidate? I am not closely related to any other candidate. 

12) Are you related with a current Osage official? No close relations although going back several generations, I am related to Brandy Lemon.

13) Anything else you would like to add? I am honored and proud to be a candidate for the 7th Osage Nation Congress and if elected, I will work hard and use the skills I have cultivated in my professional career to make thoughtful decisions, always doing what is best for the Nation.

I believe that members of our great Nation expect and deserve Congresspeople that

are dedicated servants, willing to work together on very difficult and important issues.  We must elect those who will serve with integrity and uphold our Constitution and Oath of Office without compromise and bias. 

I will always come from a place of respect.  Members of the ON expect congresspeople who understand the value of working together, even when they do not agree on issues. 

I am culturally grounded and involved, and I will protect and support, to the best of my ability and authority allowed by this position, THRIVING BUSINESS DECISIONS, CULTURE, LANGUAGE, CHLDREN, VETERANS, AND OUR ELDERS.  I am concerned about the plight of our women, children, the most vulnerable of us.  I am concerned about our financial prosperity and will support legislation to ensure our grandchildren’s future is protected.  

As a former gaming CEO, I have a great deal of experience in creating and understanding budgets and the difficult decisions that must be made regarding daily budget management.  I am experienced in strategic planning, writing policies, leading, project development and management, and revenue generation for Tribal Governments and Tribal Members. 

I will be prepared and will take pride in serving the members of the Osage Nation.  I hold the very values of our Osage People in my heart and will always do what is right for the Osage Nation – not what is right for just my family or any one group.

I humbly ask for and appreciate your vote.


Osage News

Original Publish Date: 2020-05-05 00:00:00


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