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Osage opens Bed-and-Breakfast west of Ochelata

Nestled in the quiet hills of Osage County is an Osage-owned Bed-and-Breakfast called Moonstone.

Johnny “Jack” Smith (Osage) and his wife, Penny, opened Moonstone Bed-and-Breakfast in May.

“We both really like animals and with all this land we have, we wanted to do something with it,” Smith said. “So one day we just decided to start a bed and breakfast.”

The 65-acre property is located west of Ochelata and has plenty of activities for all ages.

There is a petting zoo with 40 goats, 18 chickens, five miniature donkeys, five dogs, four ducks, three cats, a miniature pony, a talking parrot, a prairie dog and a llama named Joey.

There are also two ponds visitors can fish at, swim in or use a paddleboat. The ponds are stocked full with catfish, bass, crappie and perch fish.

Beavers can also be spotted in both ponds from time to time.

“When visitors stay they have free range of the property and can use anything they want,” Smith said. “I have a projector and 84 inch screen so I’ll set it up outside for guests to have a movie night sometimes.”

The Smiths have had six guests since the B&B opened. They haven’t had any Osage guests but welcome them to come and stay.

“We have had guests but not as many as we would like,” Smith said. “But we haven’t done much advertising, just word of mouth.”

Pawhuska resident, Clara Collins stayed at the B&B over Memorial Day weekend and loved it.

“The cost was very reasonable and they made breakfast for us,” she said. “They even had cookies made when we got there.”

She found out about Moonstone from a friend on Facebook and decided to make reservations.

She said her daughter and her daughter’s friend had a fun time at the petting zoo. They also had fun fishing and even caught a couple of fish.

“We had a lot of fun and we didn’t want to leave,” Collins said. “I definitely want to go back.”

Collins especially liked the sunsets and overall scenery. She said the Smiths are wonderful people and were really good hosts.

Smith is descended from the Strike Axe family and grew up in Pawhuska. He graduated from Pawhuska High School in 1986 and moved to Kansas City. He lived in Kansas City for 20 years working in the music management industry.

He then reconnected with Penny, his wife, a few years ago and decided to move back to Oklahoma. 

“I moved back because I was in love,” he said. “We got married a year ago August and decided to start this funny farm.”

They came up with the name “Moonstone” because the first time he kissed Penny it was a full moon. And there are a lot of stones on their property, thus the name “Moonstone” was created.

Penny works as a nurse in Bartlesville while Smith wears many hats. He is a freight broker, manages a couple local music artists and runs the B&B.

They are planning on having their own feed store as well and becoming a dealer for the surrounding areas especially Bartlesville.

“The feed store will have food for dogs, horses, sheep, goats and have pretty much everything you need for your animals,” Smith said.

Smith also wants to expand the B&B which currently only has one cottage and RV area. He is planning on building a lodge with six to eight guest rooms and six cabins.

“Our goal is to have a resort where we can have 15 units for visitors,” he said.

Smith also hopes that the lodge can be a place for people to have weddings, parties and meetings.

“We’d like to make the Bed-and-Breakfast so big we can make it a full-time job,” he said.

For more information on Moonstone Bed-and-Breakfast you can call Jack at (913) 206-5225 or visit their website at http://moonstonebedandbreakfast.com/Home.html.

See more Osage News photos on Flickr online at:http://www.flickr.com/photos/osagenews/sets/72157632180301752

They also have special discounts from time to time on their Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/moonstone.acres?fref=ts


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Original Publish Date: 2013-01-08 00:00:00


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