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Osage writers release collaborative zine ‘Osage Reconnection’

The zine is available for download and a limited print edition will be distributed at area Osage community meetings

Osage writers Chelsea Hicks and Aimee Inglis have been hard at work collaborating with Osage writers and artists to produce a collaborative community zine, titled “Osage Reconnection.”

“We’re excited to share the following community collaborative … with contributions of art and writing from Wazhazhe people along the theme of reconnecting to our people and culture,” Inglis and Hicks wrote. “The intended audience is those who did not grow up in Osage County but any Osage may appreciate this work as an expression of who we are today and our desire to be in community together.”

A zine, pronounced “zeen,” is a self-published, non-commercial print work that is typically produced in small, limited batches. The zine is available as a digital download at https://bit.ly/osagezinewinter22

Contributing to the zine were Hicks, Inglis, Stephen Coleman-Roush, Talee Redcorn, Dena Cosby, Duane BigEagle, Ruby Hansen Murray and Richard Wood.

“There will be a limited print run of this zine, to be mailed out to any Osage groups meeting in the next year. About 15-30 would be available per group, depending on funding and interest,” Inglis and Hicks wrote. “Unfortunately, as a volunteer effort there isn’t capacity to mail printed copies to individuals but we hope you enjoy the digital version and share with those who may be interested.”

For more information about the zine, email aimee.inglis@gmail.com.


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