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Osages gather for Sunrise Morning Prayer at wind farm site

Osages gathered at sunrise on July 10 at the wind turbine site on Highway 18.

Led by Fairfax resident Dr. Joe Conner, Osage officials and others gathered to pray.

“It is a prayer to heal the desecration of our ancestor’s graves and sacred horizon where the Tzi-zho (Sky) and Hun-kah (Earth) meet and is the place Wah-kon-tah chose as the origin place of the Wah-zha-zhe (Osages),” Conner wrote in an email. “The Wah-zha-zhe believed that the prairie horizon in its’ natural state was the sacred place where father sky and mother earth met and where in morning’s light the Osages were created. Now this sacred place has been desecrated by giant wind monsters that cut the link between our ancestors and their grandchildren.”  

Wearing shawls and blankets, Osage tribal member and Native American Church member Cameron Pratt conducted the prayer, which lasted approximately 30 minutes. Osages Scott Lohah and Nanette Kelley were hosts, Conner said.

“Specifically, this Morning Prayer asks for the grace of Wah-kon-tah, Father God and Jesus to heal our sadness and grief over the desecration and loss of the connection between what our ancestors saw on the horizon and what we now see,” Conner wrote. “Furthermore, the prayer asks that our leaders be given the courage to use the earthly justice system to remove the wind monsters and to prevent any further development.”

Conner said Osages would moisten the earth and rub it on their foreheads as a sign of supplication and humility to Wah-kon-tah, then as the sun began its journey from east to west the prayer was offered and often sent in cedar smoke and dispersed with an Eagle feather.

On July 28, the The Bigheart Times reported the groundwork for the 67-wind turbine Mustang Run Wind Project was approved by the Osage County Board of Commissioners. 


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