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Paul Revard: Candidate statement for 2022 Osage Minerals Council Election

Candidate statements and announcements are a free submission offered to candidates of the 2022 Osage Minerals Council Election.

By Paul Revard

It has been an honor to serve on the 4th Osage Minerals Council these last four years and for me to represent the Osage Headright Owners in this position.  The decision to run for reelection was to continue to provide my extensive oil and gas experience and to assist the Minerals Council for the benefit of the Osage Headright Owners.  My forty-five years of industry work experience, skills, and knowledge has been and will continue to be instrumental in carrying out the responsibilities of the Minerals Council.  I am very familiar with leasing our Osage Mineral Estate lands for oil and gas exploration and development.  Knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) and additional policies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is critical.

I will strive to improve the working environment to encourage the drilling of new wells and remedial development of existing wells.  The current BIA regulations and policies need to be revised or replaced to lessen the burdens and restrictions that deter new oil and gas operators from entering our unique Mineral Estate and that discourage current operators from further developing their existing oil and gas leases.  As a current Minerals Council Member, I am participating in developing our own set of rules and regulations to replace the current burdensome Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s). 

One of the most damaging restrictions the Bureau of Indian Affairs has imposed on the Shareholders is the lack of access to our own well records. Access to these records is crucial for the Council Members to perform their responsibilities and for our oil and gas operators to develop new drilling prospects as well as re-completions of existing wells.  Also, the current permitting process takes far too long.  These issues are obstacles the current Osage County operators must navigate to develop their existing leases and discourage new operators from spending their limited exploration budgets in our Mineral Estate.  

I think that the Minerals Council should be more transparent and improve its communications with the annuitants, providing important information on a more frequent basis.

Additionally, there are new opportunities that the Council is evaluating so we can adapt to the needs of the 21st century energy economy.  There is potential for helium production, hydrogen, rare earth elements in our produced saltwater, CO2 tertiary development, and more.  I will continue the work to identify additional avenues in how to best increase revenue for our Headright Owners.

I appreciate your support and respectfully request your vote on June 6th, 2022.

Paul Revard

(918) 688-1173, P.O. Box 702294, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170

Editor’s Note: Candidate statements and announcements are not edited by the Osage News. They are a free submission offered to candidates of the 2022 Osage Minerals Council Election.


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