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Paula Stabler announces candidacy for Osage Nation Congress

By Paula Stabler

I ask for your support and vote in my candidacy for a position in the Osage Nation Congress.  Over the last 20 years I have dedicated myself to working for the Osage People.  There are reasons I seek this new level of service.

Raised Osage, I am also Omaha and Winnebago. My name is Pbahuasa (one who weaves).  My clan is Black Shoulder Buffalo from my Omaha side.  My grandmother was Margaret Red Eagle Stabler Iron of the Tsi Zho Clan and “Aunt Maggie” to the local people.  I am the daughter of Paul and Joyce Stabler. I am an oldest daughter of six and oldest grandchild.  My father was part of the 31st Tribal Council. I have been raised in our traditions from a loving Christian family.   My memories are of full-bloods and hearing the Osage language every day in common conversation.  I have been a cook on the Wakakolin District and my family runs our own home camp during Inlonshka.  I am a single mother to 1 adopted Osage son, Charles; he is currently a junior at Ft. Lewis College.

Moving to Pawhuska Indian Village permanently over 20 years ago; I had hope for our tribe and worked through the anger and fight against change.  Change came and this was a good thing for our people. But, the last 10 years have been tough, the constant fight for control, outpouring of money into programs with no structure, members of Congress who don’t read legislation. 

The interest of my Osage People is the guiding force in all my decisions. My 20 plus years of work experience outside the nation assists me the tasks I completed in the last 20 years working for the Nation. My strengths are administrative skills, budgetary preparation and execution, operations management, project development and strategic planning. 

Other challenges confronted by the tribe, such as lack of transparency, lack of Congress’ ability to unify and solve problems, lack of ability to manage budgets; which are reflective of our future goals, and lack of congressional regard for the people, made my decision to run for office. 

A seat on the Osage Nation Congress is one of the most important jobs in our Nation.  We need commitment to do the job right and be of SERVICE to the people. I am ready for service.


  • Sustainability and representation for the villages
  • Advancement of health care
  • The advancement of business and sustainability in our LLCs
  • Improved services for the elderly
  • Improved mental health


  • To read and understand every piece of legislation before voting
  • Always work for the betterment of our Nation and advancement for our people
  • Never allow myself to be manipulated

To always work to protect our culture


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Original Publish Date: 2018-05-03 00:00:00

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