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Political correctness gone too far

My name is Dale Kearney. I am of Osage descent. My lineage comes from my father’s side of our family and his number as it appeared on the 1953 Census Roll is 2631. I am writing because I received my copy of the above referenced Osage News. I would like to offer my thoughts on an article that appeared on the front page of same entitled “Osages protest ‘Redskins’ name with FedEx boycott. First, let me say that I am extremely proud of my Osage heritage. It is an honor for me to be recognized as a member of this tribe. I enjoy receiving Osage News. However, this article disturbs me greatly, from a couple of standpoints. First, I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that ‘Political Correctness’ is causing our great nation to run amok. It seems all too often that the tail of our society is wagging the dog of our society. I grew up playing ‘Cowboys and Indians’ and guess what, the Cowboys didn’t always win. After all, Custer got his due as one example that stands out; there were others. I also grew up with the great rivalry that was the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins – what a game that always was. I have no problem, as an American Indian, and never have, with the name Redskins or Braves, or Indians. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, is the statement: “Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear instructed employees of the Osage Nation on September 23, 2014 to boycott Fed Ex until the Washington NFL team changes its name and mascot.” REALLY? My opinion was never sought nor do I believe any other tribal member’s opinion was sought either. Mr. Standing Bear I have a question for you. Do you have this authority? – I think not. I think you simply wanted to jump on the Political Correctness bandwagon with the rest of the uninformed. Chief Standing Bear: Are you aware that the first coach of the Washington Redskins, Lone Star Dietz was of Sioux and German descent? Chief Standing Bear: Are you aware that the official fight song of the Washington Redskins is “Hail to the Redskins? That doesn’t sound like a racial slur to me. My Webster’s Dictionary defines Redskins as ‘Native American Indians’, period. Racial slur, I don’t think so. Not only do I believe Chief Standing Bear that you have usurped your authority but I truly believe that you have run amok, like our once great nation.


Dale Kearney
Jacksonville, TX


Osage News

Original Publish Date: 2014-11-20 00:00:00

Osage News Staff
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