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Talee Redcorn announces candidacy for Third Osage Minerals Council

I am Talee Redcorn and I ask for your vote for the 3rd Osage Minerals Council.  I am number 15 on your ballot.  I am a descendant of the following Original Allotees: Wa-thi-la-In-Ka, Raymond Redcorn, Waxaki, Clarence Gray, and Jenny Garfield – all full blood Osages.  

I ask for your vote to help protect your Osage Headright and improve its value!

The Osage Mineral Estate is the largest mineral asset owned by Indians.  Our Osage elders protected our Mineral Estate allowing us to enjoy years of income since 1906.  At one time the Osage Mineral Estate made us “the richest people in the world.” 

Yet oil recovery has dwindled the last few decades.  Can we boost oil production and get more cash?  Yes since most of the oil still remains even after being pumped for over a century.

How do we protect your Headright?  We must realize that you, individually, own a unique asset – your Osage Headright held in trust by the US Government.  Your Headright is yours to will to whomever family members you please.  We should stand up to anyone that would try to take that away from you. 

How can we get more cash?  Apply technology.  Technology will help capture remaining oil.  I have the knowhow to capture the remaining oil, improve gas metering and contracts to get that cash we are giving away! 

I am President of Rendezvous Resources LLC.  Rendezvous investigates oil recovery for mature oil fields using various enhanced oil recovery methods.  With our latest technology we converted dry wells into producers (one from zero to 17 barrels per day) in Texas and Louisiana.  Also currently I am Construction Project Manager for Tribal Development and Land Acquisition for the Osage Nation. 

I was on the 1st Osage Minerals council. At that time we brought back the auction.  We increased royalties to 20%.  We had the highest payout per acre from an auction, a feat that has not been passed since Frank Phillips was President of Phillips Petroleum. 

I was a research engineer for ConocoPhillips for nine years.  There I engineered to produce heavy oil, increase gas sales by converting stranded gas into liquids, oil and gas process development, optimization and troubleshooting, and crude oil slate improvement.

For 5 years, I worked in tribal resource and environmental protection which included monitoring tribal oil and gas operations, salt water injection wells, and spill protection.

I am a PhD Candidate at Oklahoma State University.  My dissertation topic is using polymer gels to improve deep well drilling operations and improve oil recovery by water shut off.  I have both master and bachelor degrees of engineering (Chemical) from OSU and OU, respectively.

Culturally, I speak and teach the Osage Language.  I am a Committee member of the Pawhuska Dance committee and I live in the Pawhuska Indian Village. 

Vote for me for the 3rd Mineral Council, And please view my website at

Thank you again, and remember:

Talee For Minerals!


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Original Publish Date: 2014-06-02 00:00:00


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