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Talee Redcorn announces his candidacy for Osage Minerals Council

By Talee Redcorn

My name is Talee Redcorn and I live in the Pawhuska Indian Village, the home of the Waxakolin Osage people.  I decided to seek another term for the 4th Osage Mineral Council and I humbly ask for your vote.

First I exhibit a high level of fluency in the Osage language.  I teach, worship, and sing in the Osage Language at the Osage Indian Baptist Church in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  I hold a MS and BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the OU and Oklahoma State.  I have 14 years of experience in oil and gas in optimization, research, R&D, and process engineering for ConocoPhillips and as President of Rendezvous Resources LLC.  While seeking a PhD I conducted research to develop and test polymer gels in mature oil fields to boost oil recovery.   I also sit on the current Osage Minerals Council. 

Currently I am a Project Manager for the Osages overseeing and managing casino and hotel, dance arbor, and other construction projects.  I am also a Veteran of the US Army (Regular).  I serve on the In Lon Shka Dance Committee as a Committee Member for the Pawhuska District. 

Currently I am head of the Orphan Well Committee and serve on the plugging committee and media Minerals Council committees.  As a councilman I and others directed our attorneys to remove our cases from state and county courts and into Federal Courts and challenge overzealous and overreaching mineral and environmental requirements.  Further we challenged windfarms that excavated your minerals without compensation or approval.  The result?  The Osage Headright holders won all three lawsuits. 

I and others worked hard to get funding to plug wells; I recently learned we Osages may get direct funding for plugging.  Our Orphan Well committee continues to work hard to provide answers for field equipment, issues, and other items.  These gentlemen work without compensation. 

I authored two US federal grants; the first was denied but we are awaiting the second for possible approval.  If funded my Orphan Well Committee can plug wells, keep abandon wells in place, or bring promising wells back to production. 

The Mineral Council recently signed two leases so companies could inject salt water and recover additional barrels.  Without our win in federal court this “difficult oil” would have remained in the ground forever.  But with our federal win “difficult oil” recovery is possible which can boost production and prolong the life of existing fields. 

I continue to lead the charge for the Osages to reject the forced upon Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and other US proposed regulations that suppresses the Osage and gives special interests ammunition to mire your income. 

I am set to challenge the 4th Osage Minerals Council to move more and more barrels and I need your vote. 

Thank you so much for your time and it has been an honor to serve you!



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Original Publish Date: 2018-04-30 00:00:00


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