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Tax Commission offering District tags

Feeling pride for your Osage District? Personalize your vehicle with the Osage Nation Tax Commission’s personalized District tags.

Tags specifying Grayhorse, Hominy and Pawhuska Districts are now available and cost $25. Since 2011, the Tax Commission has offered personalized tags with the Osage Orthography spelling out Osage People, pronounced “Wah-Zha-Zhi Ni-Ka-She.”

The Osage Nation has had tribal tags since 1997. The 31st Osage Tribal Council selected the current blue design, which used to feature teepees, buffaloes and a horse rider.

According to a 2011 Osage News article, prior to the 2006-reformed government, the Tribal Council hosted a poster contest to select a new tag design, which drew several entries. Barbara Alkire, a former government employee who is non-Osage, created the current and winning tag design, according to the Tax Commission. 

Osages interested in registering their vehicles with a tribal tags must provide the Tax Commission with documentation including proof of Osage Nation membership, vehicle insurance and proof of Oklahoma residency.

To obtain a form for a personalized tag, visit the Tax Commission’s website at https://www.osagenation-nsn.gov/what-we-do/tax-commission. For more information call (918) 287-5393.


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Original Publish Date: 2015-08-28 00:00:00


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