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W. Jacque Jones announces her candidacy for the Fifth Osage Nation Congress

By W. Jacque Jones

A soldier named Robert Braden-Powell once said, “If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk”. Having worked eleven years at the Osage Nation.  From 2007-2016 I have served as the Director of Constituent Services…listening to needs and observing resources we have to offer. I am a relative to the constituent and a listening ear to the need of our people. I have experienced many generations of constituents seeking assistance through the Osage Nation. I have proficient knowledge of resources we have to offer Osages members and resources we do not possess yet. It is my hope to have a place on our Osage Congress to highlight the needs of our people; it’s time for your voice to be heard!

One resource we have acquired is our Health Benefit. While the benefit is helpful to our people, I have observed the need for improvement. I propose an increase and allow a family member to donate their benefit to an Osage family member within the same household should medical needs arise. 

I have taken the time to review the Osage Nation 25-Year Vision & Strategic Plan. Capturing “Priorities and Initiatives as Ranked Osage Constituents”. Initiatives include supporting the clean up and beautification of reservation, towns and countryside. Supporting the restoration of old buildings and sidewalks on the reservation. I have recently met with a project manager who applied for a half-million dollar grant to beautify our community and tie the Osage and surrounding communities together on this project.  Collaboration will satisfy the priorities mentioned, it will also lay a foundation for the seventh priority listed in the 25 Year Strategic Plan to support, enhance and develop more cultural tourism activities for reservation visitors. Architecture engineering is at an all-time Osage height with the new Welcome Center and Law buildings; we continue to have a vision and dream big. 

The fifth priority is to develop a tribal financial institution.  It is my intention, if elected to assist our people to take back ownership of our finances; history has proven our finances have made us vulnerable. I propose we invest in the purchase and chartering a Credit Union where Osages can be members; a credit union can improve the quality of life for members through financial literacy and democracy. 

Through efforts of Chief Standing Bear, Osage employees are up to 47%.  I believe in our Chief and Assistant Chief and I can see they are on the right track. We can do better! It is time for more Osages to be employed with our Nation.  The language and cultural aspects of our dream-building have begun to take on a new elevation; we need to keep reaching goals by building better facilities and finding and cultivating more Osage speaking teachers.

I  vow if elected, to continue to be the listener and leader I have always been and remember to Vote W. Jacque Jones Osage Nation Congress


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Original Publish Date: 2016-03-22 00:00:00


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