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William St. John announces candidacy for Third Osage Minerals Council

I am William St. John, son of Pierce and Judy St. John. My great grandfather was an original allottee by the same name of Pierce St. John. We have a family (Pierce St. John cemetery) south of Pawhuska where I reside today. The cemetery is not just for family but is also for all Native American veterans that do not have a place to be buried and they are honored here each Memorial Day by two American Legion posts in ceremony. I grew up in Tulsa and worked in the corporate world until I started working for the Osage Tribe in 2011. I come from a technical background dealing with cell phone technology to activating very large corporate digital land networks that are between cities that are across the United States. Also I have been involved in building and calibrating flight instruments regarding electronics.

As a land holder and a mineral shareholder in Osage county, I keep informed of oil and natural gas with respect of domestic and global markets. I have respect for geopolitics that may impact the petro dollar as well.

Being a land owner I have been impacted personally with regard to surface damages from oil and natural gas production from the ground. I see both sides of what Oil men have to go through with other landowners. I would like to share communication with the BIA in helping to deal with regarding of gaining more permits to be able to recover more oil and natural gas for our shareholders. I would like to work with the BIA to ensure that permits are being done as fast as possible.

Since being a young child I have been told stories of oil companies that have been siphoning off unrecorded volumes oil and natural gas since the early days production in Osage county. No one has had the technical background to look into this effectively to allow electronic monitoring. This is at the measuring gage level regarding holding tanks that raw crude and natural gas is stored from the fields.

 If elected as a member of the Mineral Council I will be working to help find common grounds and be open to new ideas and approaches from other council members. I offer an information technology edge to the Osage Mineral Council and can talk in plain English about today’s technology. I currently work in the Information Technology department for the Osage Nation.

 Regarding wind turbines in Osage county I would be against them. All of the electrical power that will be generated will not be for local use to lower our electric bills. The power generated will be sent to St. Louis. The only profit will be the surface land owners leasing the surface land.

 Thank you very much for your vote in June. If I’m elected these are my goals of my term. I am a shareholder too and I will fully honor the 1906 act and the shareholders that it protects.

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Original Publish Date: 2014-06-02 00:00:00

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